Current & Future Projects


Front Line Aid Mission No. 2

Starting July 2023 - Goal: 7.500€

We are currently preparing for our second major aid mission in Ukraine. Currently this will include at least two large transport vehicles and a 3-4 member base crew. A total of 9-10 members are planned on site, including specialists for military, medics, mechanics and drivers, if possible with military experience or even combat deployments.
This „specialization“ and „military experience“ may at first seem strange and unusual for a humanitarian aid mission, but it has a very specific reason: we are sometimes less than a kilometer away from active combat operations to distribute aid or even for evacuations and will very likely come under fire. For this we need volunteers who know how to move and act in such environments and situations.

Read more about the tasks of our volunteers.

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Kherson Flood Relief

Ongoing since June 6th
Goal: unlimited

Our founder Chris received a message via Twitter on June 06, 2023 at 01:17 am:

„Do you have a chance to help the people in Kherson if I start a fundraiser now?“

This message came from „BrennpunktUA“, a fairly large German-speaking Ukraine War News Account with over 40k subscribers.

Read the full story here.

Past Projects


Front Line Aid Mission No. 1

June - December 2022

Our first mission in Ukraine ran from June to December 2022 and was a completely new, unfamiliar and extremely strenuous experience for many of us. We had a vague idea of what to expect as newcomers to this field, but this mission unfolded in ways we never thought possible. Our extraordinary ability to improvise and our willingness to adapt quickly to changing situations enabled us to help more than 6,500 civilians on the front lines during this time.


Power Generator for Vova

Goal: 1.200€ - Reached: 1.450,55€

Vova is a volunteer with the Ukrainian TDF that we met in June ’22 at the beginning of our humanitarian aid mission. He used his contacts and moved mountains so we could deliver much needed supplies to the remaining civilians at the front lines. Even outside of front line missions he did everything for us so we had a place to sleep and also to do maintenance on our vehicles. But all this was in summer time and the Russian attacks on the civilian infrastructure where not as severe as they are now. Since temperatures are dropping and the power supply situation deteriorates, heating his home and cooking a warm meal for his son and himself has become a rarity. To maintain at least some durable living conditions, he is in need for a power generator, a battery-powered PowerStation and a heating unit.


Become a volunteer

Join us for a better life and future of Ukrainian civilians along the front lines.

Apply for a volunteer position with us on the ground, or join our social media and fundraising crew.