Gear and Equipment


This is a small list of clothing, gear, equipment and items for Ukraine that we see as useful.

  • 2x Civil pants / jeans
  • 4x T-shirt
  • 2x Hoodie
  • 1x Sweatpants
  • 7x Underwear
  • 7x Wool (!!) socks, even in summer time

If you plan to stay during winter time:

  • 2x Thermo underwear (Set)
  • 1x Fleece jacket
  • 1x Winter jacket
  • 2x Durable combat / work pants single color black
    (e.g. InvaderGear Revenger / Griffin / Predator)
  • 2x Durable combat / work t-shirts single color grey
    (e.g. InvaderGear Combat shirt short sleeve)
  • 2x Durable combat / work long sleeve single color grey
    (e.g. InvaderGear Combat shirt)
  • 1x Boots mid / high
    (e.g. Lowa Zephyr GTX)
  • 2x Tooth brush
  • 1x Tooth paste
  • 1x Q-Tips (box)
  • 1x Shampoo
  • 1x Soap
  • 1x Deodorant
  • 1x Wet wipes (odorless!)
  • 1x Sunblocker
  • 1x Toilet paper (roll)
  • 1x Shower slippers (pair)
  • 1x Battle / Work belt (molle)
    (e.g. InvaderGear, Tasmanian Tiger)
  • 1x Radio pouch (molle)
    (e.g. InvaderGear, Tasmanian Tiger)
  • 1x Multifunctional pouch medium (molle)
    (e.g. InvaderGear, Tasmanian Tiger)
  • 1x Multitool
    (e.g. Leatherman)
  • Boo-Boo FAK pouch, small (molle)
  • 1x Headlamp red and white light
  • 1x Flashlight red and white light
  • 2x Combat / work gloves (pair)
    (e.g. Mechanix)
  • 1x Durable raincoat (ripstop)
  • 1x Shemag 
  • Plate Carrier single color black, grey, tan or OD
    (e.g. InvaderGear, EmersonGear, Zentauron, Crye Precision)
  • Ballistic plates NIJ Lvl. IV / SK4 front and back
  • Ballistic helmet NIJ Lvl. IIIA single color black, grey, tan or OD
  • Active EarPro
    (e.g. Earmor, Walker’s, Peltor)
  • EyePro Glasses Z87+ rated
  • Patches (nationality, bloodtype (!), name)
  • 1x IFAK Pouch (molle)
    (e.g. Tasmanian Tiger)
    This Rhino Rescue IFAK is a good starting point, but the chest seal and tourniquet must be replaced!

    Example Content:
    – 2x 6″ Israeli Bandages
    – 2x Compression Bandages
    – 2x Adhesive Bandages
    – 2x Triangular Bandages
    – Alc. Prep Pads
    – 2x QuickClot Combat Gauze
    – 2x Water-Jel Burn Dressing 6×16″
    – 2x Gauze Bandages
    – 2x Chest Seals (Northern Rescue)
    – 1x Burn Dressing
    – 2x Compress
    – 1x Nasopharyngeal Airway Tube + Lube
    – 1x Surgical Tape
    – 2x Disposable latex gloves (pair, blue)
    – 1x Emergency Blanket
    – 1x Set of Plasters
    – 1x CPR Face Shield

  • 2x EMS Shears
  • 2x Sharpie
  • 2x CAT Gen7 Tourniquet + Pouch
  • Paracetamol / Ibuprofen
  • Electrolyte / isotonic Tablets
  • 1x Phone
  • 2x Phone charger
  • 2x USB cable – long
  • 2x USB cable – short
  • 2x High-capacity power bank
  • 10x AA Batteries
  • 10x AAA Batteries
  • 1x Personal Radio + charging station
    (PMR446 „Walkie-Talkie“, alternatively and recommended: HAM radio like Baofeng UV-5R or Quansheng UV-K5 (each under $50) programmed to analogue PMR446 frequencies)
  • Sleeping bag (down to -15°C)
  • Insulating blow-up or foam mattress
  • Pillow
  • Field bed (foldable)