Who are we?

The PHOENIX – Aid Work Project initiative was formed by individuals who got to know each other before and during their indivdual aid missions in Ukraine and on the Internet. What we all have in common was, and still is, sharing in the fate of those who have been struck by war and violence in ways that even the mainstream media no longer reports on.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to take the help of those who need it most into our own hands and help where help is really needed:

The civilians in the war-torn areas.
In contested regions and on front lines…

Who do we help?

Victims of acts of war who can no longer help themselves.
People living in the most remote and inaccessible corners of war-torn territories.
All the victims of the war who were forgotten and ignored.
We are willing to put ourselves in the greatest danger for this!

What is our mission?

In one word: help!

Aid of all kinds, from food and water to blankets, clothing, medicines, cuddly toys and soap bubbles for the smallest of the victims, are to be procured near the critical areas and then, with the help of local emergency services and soldiers, distributed to those who are unable to get those goods themselves or even escape to secured areas.

Our first mission, which took place between June and December 2022, showed the need for our help in these areas. Many of the people we brought food and water to had been completely cut off from the outside world for weeks and months. Some people have not seen a soul from outside their destroyed village since the beginning of the war. In many cases, we were also the first responders to venture into these areas since the invasion began.

Not only adults are affected, children are also left with nothing and urgently need our help. They often do not understand the situation they are in. They don’t understand why the mothers keep taking them down to the basement when it’s „storming“ outside again. All they understand or sense is the constant tension and anxiety of mothers, which leaves a deep imprint on those children.

Become a volunteer

Join us for a better life and future of Ukrainian civilians along the front lines.

Apply for a volunteer position with us on the ground, or join our social media and fundraising crew.