Kherson Flood Relief

"Do you have a chance to help the people in Kherson if I start a fundraiser now?"

How we where able to send power generators and solar powerstations to Kherson

Our founder Chris received a message via Twitter on June 06, 2023 at 01:17 am:

„Do you have a chance to help the people in Kherson if I start a fundraiser now?“

This message came from „BrennpunktUA“, a fairly large German-speaking Ukraine War News Account with over 40k subscribers.
Chris informed him that we currently have no staff in Ukraine, but through our contacts we can ensure that the funds donated are used immediately and 100% for relief supplies.

Original Tweet by "BrennpunktUA" in German
Postmaster Boomer inspecting new arrivals for Dogs United.
Picture by @MinisterBoomer / Dogs United

We then contacted the German aid organization „Dogs United“ with whom we had already cooperated in the past. At that time, „Dogs United“ was already preparing an action in cooperation with the Ukrainian State Emergency Service (DSNS), which focused on the procurement of equipment and material to rescue victims and contain the consequences of the flood. Furthermore, „Dogs United“ already had helpers on site. Another reason for contacting „Dogs United“ was, that this organization already has the necessary experience and expertise for such scenarios thanks to its ongoing assistance with regard to the Ahrtal flood disaster in Germany in July 2021.

After an exchange of information and consultations with the Ukrainian rescue workers, „Dogs United“ informed us which items currently have priority. We then concentrated on the procurement of

  • 15x EBERT 2.2kW emergency power generators

  • 12x solar power station kits consisting of ALLPOWERRS 700W power station with 140W solar panel + 10W LED floodlight + 5m extension cable + multiple socket

  • 30x Waterdrop Portable Waterfilters

  • 2,000x Micropur forte Mf 1t water purification tablets

Shipment preparation of power generators and powerstations.
Picture by @MinisterBoomer / Dogs United
Rich from Front Line Kitchen and Ernest while gathering information about the Kherson situation.
Picture by @frontlinekit

A short time later we received the news that our friend Richard Woodruff from „Front Line Kitchen“ in Lviv is making his way to the flooded areas in and around Kherson City to work there directly. Thanks to our grant from our donation fund, we were able to give him a total of €3,250. As a result, and with other donations, he was able to organize two lifeboats, a supply drone and gas cookers for the collection points and to actively use them to save people and animals.

Richard signing one of the rescue boats.
Video by @frontlinekit

Richard on standby, waiting for shelling to end to continue the rescue mission.
Video by @frontlinekit

Current Situation In Ukraine

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Map Legend:
Green – Liberated area
Light red – Russian occupied territory
Dark red: Illegally annexed territory by Russia 2014