Siren Lullabies War Documentary Premiere

Chris, founder of PHOENIX – Aid Work Project, was invited as an honorary guest to the public premiere of the multi award winning war documentary Siren Lullabies by the North-Macedonian journalist Kristina Atovska on the 27th of February in Skopje.

This documentation not only describes the fate of the Ukrainian population in a most impressive and frightening realistic way, but also depicts the immensely important humanitarian aid that organisations like PHOENIX – Aid Work Project provide.

Chris also had the pleasure to meet a lot of interesting and important people, like the president of N-Macedonia and the delegation of the Embassy to Ukraine in N-Macedonia.

At the end of the screening, our founder was given the opportunity to give a moving speech to all participants where he chose to not only represent Germany, but also the unit that helped our crew the most: 112th of the Territorial Defence Forces of Ukraine, Legion Obolon

The Movie

The film SIREN LULLABIES is an independent feature length multi award winning documentary about the war in Ukraine in 2022, covering the first four months of the war. It’s a personalized story narrated by the director Kristina Atovska, who was the only journalist from her country in Ukraine… and went there alone. This movie is made mainly by Kristina’s passion for journalism and giving voice to the people that can’t be heard, in this case because of a war in their yards. That’s why the main focus in this film is on the people who remained to live in war. Through their stories we see all the faces of war, from crimes against civilians to solidarity as a form of resistance, all of which are covered with exclusive footages. Kristina’s journey starts in Lviv, goes through occupied Kyiv, the battlefield on the Zhytomir highway, the Bucha and Irpin massacre and ends in the everyday bombing in Kharkiv. This is a movie that shows the feeling of having to change everyday routines in order to survive at least one more day under the rain of bombs and constant threat.
– Kristina Atovska